High-speed and flexible pick-and-place robot.

brillopak unipaker automated packing machine

The TrayPAKer is our latest development and combines specialist robotics and vision systems with patented servo-driven end effectors for a seamless and more efficient punnets and trays packing operation. Through easy to deploy package-specific recipes and end effectors, the TrayPAKer can handle traditional plastic packaging, as well new and more sustainable options.

In the pick-up area one delta robot picks and places the packs onto a conveyor in a layer pattern, which is then indexed, oriented and gently compressed to the dimensions of the crate or container. A second delta robot with a different end effector then picks up the whole layer and lowers into the crate or container.

We’re the first to introduce a whole-layer approach to address misalignment issues created by single-punnet pick and place to deliver a neater shelf-ready appearance.

What makes our TrayPAKer stand out?

  • Fast: 140 trays per minute
  • Consistent: whole layer pick-and-place approach ensures neat case presentation
  • Flexible: Handles a range of materials, including new environmentally
  • Operator friendly: Easy to deploy package-specific recipes are pre-programmed for fast and seamless product changeovers
  • Small footprint
  • Unique: patented servo-driven end effector technology