UniPAKer Dash P140

Affordable, Simple and Dependable Case Packing with UniPAKER Dash P140

brillopak unipaker automated packing machine

What makes our UniPAKer Dash P140 stand out?

Full warning system on screen traffic light beacon with self-diagnostics
Guard interlocked door for operators to access into machine
Full 304 stainless steel construction
High Ground clearance for easy cleaning around and under the machine

Small footprint taking up less floor space

Patented end effector technologies
Head Change over in less than one minute if required at all
Pack into open or closed bale arms on supermarket crates. Machine performance data

Typical products handled

automated end of line ready meal packing


brillopak unipaker automated packing machine


brillopak unipaker automated packing machine


automated end of line meat packing


Looking for an affordable and reliable case packing solution for your business?

The UniPAKER Dash P140 is the perfect choice. Small enough to fit into most packhouses, this machine combines simplicity with advanced technology to deliver outstanding performance and reliability, at a competitive price.

All our UniPAKers boast optimised motion control and specialist end effectors, allowing it to run multiple products without changing tooling. End effectors have always been a core strength of Brillopak, that remains unrivalled in the UK today.

The UniPAKer Dash P140 uses single pick to ensure that products are placed in the tray gently and accurately.

With a packing speed of up to 120 packs per minute*, user-friendly interface and low maintenance requirements, the UniPAKer Dash P140 is an excellent investment.

*subject to product
brillopak unipaker automated packing machine