Profile of Brillopak Apprentice Michael Cooper

by | Aug 24, 2017 | News

Our first engineering apprentice 18 year old Michael Cooper has been with Brillopak for 10 months. We believe it is every business’s duty to help young people get a start into business. We are late starters in part because of the amount of robotic development undertaken in the past 5 years. Better late than never.

Mick goes to college 1 day a week and works with us for the remaining 4 days putting his acquired knowledge into practice. In his time Micky has made great progress as an individual and as part of the production team, and we have great hopes for him going forwards.

Micky. “My objective on joining Brillopak was to learn and grow with the business whilst developing my mental and physical skills. Because Brillopak is still a relatively small business I benefit from more 1 on 1 training”.  Micky is also developing a clear idea of where he wants to be in the future. “I want to complete my Level 2 exam, then take Level 3 before taking a University Degree in a mechanical engineering specialism”. On his experience at Brillopak. “I have learned about working in a professional environment and how to adapt to different situations whilst working in a team. I think through things now before I act and am not afraid to ask others for help when I need it”.

“In terms of what I have done: I read and understand technical drawings and I have welded, assembled, drilled , tapped, fabricated and machined assemblies and sub-assemblies. I was also recently given responsibility for the assembly of my first complete machine.”

Outside of work Micky is an accomplished boxer and extremely fit.

Finally I asked Micky for a quote on his learning at Brillopak….

“Do what the others tell you to do, not what they actually do!” He jests of course.