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All of our machines:

  • Reduce your reliance on and cost of labour.
  • Provide a cost-effective return on investment.
  • Occupy the smallest footprint possible.
  • Handle multiple SKUs gently and at high speed.
  • Are simple to operate and maintain.
  • Provide minimal or no change over time.
  • Are 100% packhouse proven.

“You can honestly trust Brillopak. A British company, on our doorstep, at the forefront of their field. They’re innovative, proactive and delivered everything we asked. We couldn’t have worked with a better partner on this project.”

James Simpson
Managing Director Adrian Scripps Ltd

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Our automation systems are
100% packhouse proven!

Here are just some of our success stories….

Apple producer picks Brillopak
to automate packing

A complete end-of-line automation project with Brillopak has seen Adrian Scripps, Tesco’s top apple supplier, triple productivity per head. The project saw Brillopak install two PAKStations, four UniPAKer robotic crate packing systems, four Crate DESTAKers, two bale arm closers, four vertical accumulation units and three robotic palletisers.

Brillopak’s UniPaker handles 66 million kilos of spuds a year for Morrisons

Morrisons fresh produce depot in Rushden, Northamptonshire has installed two automated Brillopak crate loading potato cells, UniPaker, taking productivity and efficiency to a whole new level. Capable of orientating packs quicker than any human being, the robot arms “never miss a beat,” exclaims site manager Andy Day.

drysdale vegetables

Scottish veg processor adopts fresh thinking for sprout packing

Forward-looking vegetable processor Drysdales has become the first UK produce company to automate its sprout crate loading operation, future-proofing against potential labour shortages that could arise from Brexit. The Scottish company’s investment in Brillopak’s award-winning UniPAKer has already yielded a return on investment.

Small, reliable and consistent performers

We are specialists in flexible automated packing and palletising machines and systems for precise handling of fresh produce, meat, poultry, fish or ready meal products.


brillopak unipaker automated packing machine

Automated single pick packing of VFFS and Flow Wrap packs into crates and trays.

Punnet PAKer

brillopak punnet paker automated packing machine

Automated single pick packing of VFFS and flow wrap products into crates and trays.


Find the machine that’s right for your product:

Flexible automation to handle multiple pack types

…with minimal or no change over time!

tray packer

Heat Sealed Punnets

Soft fruit, Top fruit, Prime vegetables

punnet packing

Heat Sealed

Meat, Poultry, Fish, Ready Meals

punnet packing

Vertical Form Fill Sealed Bags

Vegetables and salads

Flow Wrap

Tray and trayless
Fruit and Vegetables

Stretch Wrap

Fruit and Vegetables

Customer-focused innovations

Our designers and engineers are always developing new innovations to help food pack lines operate as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.

Vision Systems

Our QoPR™ and PAK QC vision systems ensure product quality is consistently maintained to the high standards your customers expect.

End Effectors

A new range of patent pending vacuum based end effectors designed specifically for flexibility of motion and consistency of performance.

Motion Control

Motion control is a function of Robot performance, especially important where speed and accuracy are essential characteristics.

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“We’ve achieved what we set out to at the start of the project and the system does exactly what Brillopak promised it would do. Throughout the project they have been completely honest and really good and quick at coming up with solutions”

Ian McLachlan
Farming & Facilities Director

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