brillopak compact palletiser kt1000

Delivering Cost-Effective Palletising Automation For Your End Of Line

At Brillopak, our automated palletising solutions are designed to optimise efficiency and accuracy in your packing and distribution processes, while ensuring safety and reliability.

Our systems are not only user-friendly but also adaptable to different product types and sizes, reducing labour costs and enhancing overall productivity in your operation.

Introducing the Palletiser KT1000

The Palletiser KT1000 is a robust articulated robot palletising solution that is designed for 24/7 operation. With the flexibility to handle multiple product sizes and weights of up to 50kg with no tooling changes, the KT1000 offers unparalleled versatility and efficiency, reducing downtime and expediting end of line processes.

Product Features And Benefits

  • Requires a very small footprint, making the KT1000 Palletiser a viable option for businesses with restricted space.
  • Easy to operate by unskilled staff: simply select the product and press ‘start’.
  • Designed for floor-standing or over-conveyor setups and available in three modular layouts.
  • Utilises specialist Brillopak robot heads so you can run multiple products with no tooling changeover required.
  • Simple plug in, plug out of new parts for fast and uncomplicated maintenance.
  • Constructed from robust and hygienic stainless steel to facilitate easy cleaning and corrosion resistance.
  • Maximum lift weight of 50kg.


The Palletiser KT1000 can be used in any industry which uses pallets in their packing process and can easily load crates, trays, and boxes of different shapes, sizes, and weights.

How The Palletiser KT1000 Can Save You Money

The Palletiser KT1000 is designed to deliver optimum cost-effectiveness, not only through improving the efficiency of your business’s palletising processes but through reducing costs.

  • Cut labour costs: Hiring staff is becoming increasingly expensive, so the Palletiser KT1000 is designed to require minimal human intervention. Needing only occasional operator time to load and unload pallets, the system delivers faster, more accurate results without draining your human resources, allowing your team to focus on other tasks to keep the production and packing line fluent.
  • Utilise existing space: With a minimal footprint, the Palletiser KT1000 is suitable for businesses with restricted workspace. Its compact design means it can be accommodated on your existing premises, so you won’t have to consider extending or moving your building to take advantage of automated palletising technology.
  • Improve health and safety: Designed to meet strict health and safety standards, the Palletiser KT1000 can be left to operate autonomously, so operatives won’t be exposed to potential dangers during palletising. Not only will the workplace be safer, but your business will save money through fewer staff absences and a lower risk of liability claims.

Why Choose Brillopak For Your Automated End Of Line Solutions?

We meet your needs

We take the time to understand your business’s needs, goals, and pinch points to ensure that we provide the right solution for your long-term objectives and help you to obtain the best return on investment.

We are leaders in palletising technology

Our years of experience and investment in research and development enables us to stay at the forefront of technological innovation and deliver the best automated palletising solutions for your business.

We provide ongoing support

Downtime is the enemy of productivity, so we offer a comprehensive package of ongoing remote support to ensure that, should problems arise, they are resolved as quickly as possible.

Your Next Step To Automated Palletising

If you would like to improve the speed and efficiency of your palletising processes, please get in touch with Brillopak today to chat to an expert about the Palletiser KT1000.

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