High-Speed Packing Solutions That Drive Efficiency And Cost-Savings

At Brillopak, our high-speed packing solutions, including automated and semi-automatic machines, achieve unparalleled speed, efficiency, and significant cost-savings. Our systems are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow, ensuring a smooth transition to higher productivity and profitability and securing a healthy return on investment (ROI) in as little as a year in some cases.

brillopak rowpaker p140

Our High-Speed Packing Solutions – Find The Perfect Match For Your Production Needs:

RowPAKer Series II P140-BR2

High-speed automated compact packer designed for packing punnets, trays, boxes, and non-pliable packs from a conveyor into cases, trays, and crates.

  • Can pick and place rows of packs into tight spaces, including under the lips of cardboard trays.
  • Packs up to 120 packs per minute.
  • Compact design suitable for the smallest of spaces.
  • Suitable for the food, general manufacturing, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals industries.
  • Packaging types: Heat seal or flow-wrap punnets and trays, boxes, bottles, tubs, and pots.
  • Container types: Boxes, cases, retail crates, and cardboard trays.

UniPAKer Series II P160 Single/Dual

High speed automated utility packer able to pack a range of products without tooling changeover. Available as a single or dual robot, dependent on speed requirements.

brillopak unipaker sII p160 award-winning
  • Can pick single, double, or more products, dependent on the individual packing pattern.
  • Packs up to 150 packs per minute.
  • Compact design suitable for the smallest of spaces.
  • Suitable for the food, general manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries.
  • Packaging types: Bags (including vertical form fill seal bags and flow-wrap bags), heat seal trays, sleeved trays, pots, small boxes, and bottles.
  • Container types: Boxes, cases, retail crates, and cardboard trays.

What’s great about the RowPAKer Series II P140-BR2 and UniPAKer Series II P160 Single/Dual:

  • Handles various products and containers with flexibility and versatility.
  • Easy operation, suitable for unskilled staff.
  • Low maintenance due to durable materials.
  • Stainless steel design ensures cleanliness and corrosion resistance.
  • Operated by a single individual for feeding and palletising.
  • Option to automate case feed, crate feed and palletising in single integrated system.
  • Enhances efficiency, lowering costs via line speed control.
  • Complies with health and safety standards, reducing liability risks.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) usually within 1.5 to 3 years, depending on staffing and shifts.

brillopak unipaker sII p160


brillopak unipaker sII p160



Semi-automated packing machine which optimises manual packing to increase line speed throughout a shift with reduced labour overhead. Products and trays are simultaneously presented to the operator with minimal product accumulation, meaning that the product is handled immediately and only once.

brillopak pakstation semi automatic packing machine
  • Typically achieves a 15 per cent increase in line throughput per shift.
  • Ergonomically designed for optimum packing performance.
  • Ideal for situations with difficult products, multiple product changeovers, or where full automation is not appropriate or financially viable.
  • Stainless steel design ensures cleanliness and corrosion resistance.
  • Can handle any product into any open container.
  • Suitable for use in any industry.
  • Ideal containers: 600mm x 400mm/300mm x 400mm crates or cardboard trays.

How you’ll benefit from investing in a PAKstation:

  • Eliminates short line stops, boosting average line speed.
  • Allows control over packing line speed throughout a shift.
  • Minimises the risk of product damage.
  • Reduces labour needs, saving one operator for every three.
  • Increases efficiency, reducing costs through managed line speed.
  • Meets health and safety standards, lowering liability risks.
  • Typical Return on Investment (ROI) within one year, dependent on staff and shifts.

Why Choose Brillopak For Your Automated End Of Line Solutions?

✔ We meet your needs: At Brillopak, we recognize that every packing line has unique challenges. We meticulously assess your production requirements and constraints to ensure our packing solutions align perfectly with your operational goals, enhancing throughput and efficiency.

✔ We Excel In Designing, Implementing & Innovating Our Packing Technology: With continuous advancements in our packing technologies, we lead the sector in providing cutting-edge solutions. Our dedication to innovation means we offer sophisticated, yet user-friendly systems that integrate seamlessly into your existing operations.

✔ We provide ongoing support: Understanding that any downtime can be costly, we provide robust ongoing remote support and service. This ensures that your operations continue smoothly and any potential issues are addressed promptly, minimising disruption and maximising productivity.

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