Multipanel UK panel palletising line commissioned by Brillopak

Brillopak has completed the design, build and commissioning of a complex gantry robot palletising system for Multipanel UK Ltd.

This super size palletiser is capable of handling multiple sized panels from 2000mm x 1000mm to 4000mm x 2000mm. As well as programmes and recipes for multiple sizes and thicknesses the system also have the ability to run jobs on the fly with instant input.

The machine stacks each panel into one of 3 stacks; A Grade, B Grade or C Grade. As each pallet is loaded the stack passes through to an accumulation area for collection by forklift. At the same time a new pallet enters the pallet loading position and the process continues until the end of the run.

The pallet destacker/magazine is capable of handling over 15 different pallet sizes.

Brillopak has considerable experience in building palletising systems for the wood handling and flat panel industries.

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