UniPAKer SII P160 Single/Dual Cell


The Brillopak UniPAKer SII P160 Single/Dual Cell makes packing of products into crates and trays faster and more efficient.

brillopak unipaker sII p160 award-winning


Applications include:

Top Fruit


Stone Fruit


Fish & Seafood


Fresh Vegetables

Prepared Salads

Prepared Vegetables

Fresh Snack Food

With its optimised motion control and specialist end effectors, you can run multiple products in multiple in-crate presentations, without tooling changeover, to meet a wider range of demands than ever before. By using single pick rather than collation, products are placed into the tray gently and accurately. To enhance efficiency the crates are packed as they move up the line, simplifying the packing process. With no complex collation requirement there is less to go wrong, meaning more consistent line speed through a shift.

The use of the latest robotics technologies combined with Brillopak’s technical design experience, mean that this machine can work on multiple lines, in multiple factories over its lifetime, providing real investment value.

  • High speed and efficiency (50 – 150 packs/minute)
  • Precise product placement
  • Multiple products with multiple layer patterns
  • Simple to operate maintain with very fast changeover
  • Simple, robust, hygienic design

The system is available in single and dual formats and with single and dual lane configurations.

brillopak unipaker sII p160




High speed

The UniPAKer will pack at up to 150 packs/trays per minute, with no need for collation (dependent on product). The high speed robots pick products on the move. This is complimented by our Crate Management System (CMS) that feeds crates from either the front or the rear of the UniPAKer, dependent on your layout. The crates are filled whilst moving through the machine to optimise line speed in the smallest possible space.

Precise product placement

By picking and placing single packs into the container, we are able to achieve high accuracy of placement with multiple pack types, including bags, flow wrap packs, vertical form fill seal, tray seal packs and punnets. Our implementation of motion control optimises the efficiency of speed combined with angle of approach, to minimise the effects of momentum on a pack, which can cause movement in placement or damage to product. We provide a range of options to ensure accurate pick and place of awkward bags, including vision systems to identify actual position of a pack on the conveyor. (e.g. packs exiting a VFFS machine will not always fall in the correct orientation).

Multiple products with multiple layer patterns

A major benefit of individual pick-and-place packing is the increased flexibility you gain in your packing operation. This means that you can simply set up multiple pack layer configurations for different products and different layer configurations within the same product. You can even add incomplete layers, for example 1 or 2 packs on top.

Simple to operate and maintain with very fast changeover

All Brillopak machines are designed to be operated by people for whom English may not be the first language. The colour touchscreens are intuitive and contain visual representation of critical elements of the machines showing sensors and I/O overview for engineering maintenance teams. Changeovers are fast; simply select recipe and start. Robot heads have a simple quick release mechanism for fast changeover. However in many instances a single Brillopak end effector will be able to manage all of your skus.

Simple, robust, hygienic design

A robust stainless steel frame encompasses 1, 2 or 3 delta robots each with a four-axis movement. The entire system has minimal moving parts and is low maintenance, with all belts and sensors and guides easily adjusted by hand for maintenance. All access points are protected and there are magnetic locking safety gates to gain access to the system for cleaning. The system is IP65 rated to a height of 1,200mm making it washdown ready. The electrical cabinets are located out of the way, above the robots.

“Significantly boosted our OEE.”

Andy Day, Morrisons

Click here to find out how the UniPAKer has transformed potato packing at Morrisons.

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