RowPAKer SII P140


Primarily for packing simple regimented patterns of product that are picked in rows and packed at high speed into crates, trays or boxes two at a time.

brillopak rowpaker p140

Applications include:


Soft Fruit

Stone Fruit


Fish & Seafood



Prepared Vegetables

Fresh Snack Food

The Brillopak RowPAKer P140 packs a wide variety of containers into crates, trays and lipped boxes at high speed.

Key to consistent punnet packing is control of the product throughout the packing process. By using a Brillopak servo turner, the individual punnets are accurately controlled into the system at high speed, from the tray sealer or checkweigher regardless of orientation, Our servo powered accumulation and push unit ensure that rows are managed with precision and that every layer is neatly formed. Brillopak specialist end effectors are acknowledged across the market for their consistency of performance. Our end effectors are built from small form SLA laser print to ensure a fast but gentle pick and place movement deep into the crate, without any damage to delicate products such as soft fruit. Complicated airways are hidden within the head to allow complete freedom of movement and a fit within the crate.

You can run multiple products in multiple in-line formats and pack into crates and trays. The system is also capable of packing into your imported lipped boxes through use of our bespoke end effector which lifts and separates punnets to place under the tray lip (dependent on punnet type). K37, K62 and bb punnets are typical of the products consistently run through the system. The system is simple to use with Brillopak’s trademark intuitive HMI featuring 3 level password security system, detailed statistics and sensor status, conveyor controls, and in-depth maintenance information. The system is so simple that you can easily programme your own products into the system.

Every system is supplied with remote access functionality, enabling Brillopak technical teams to log onto the system with operators to rectify any technical issues quickly. Regardless of whether the issue is with machine or user error, immediate access to dynamic data usually means the root cause of the problem can be identified and addressed.

The RowPAKer system can be run with a single operator placing crates into the machine and manually palletising or integrated into a complete Brillopak end of line system incorporating automated crate DESTAKer, bale arm closer and compact palletiser.

  • High speed and efficiency (50-140 packs a minute) dependent on product
  • Accurate control of the product through the packing process
  • Accurate product placement in the crate
  • Flexibility of operation
  • Simple, robust, hygienic design

High Speed

(50-140 trays/minute, dependent on product) The RowPAKer will pack at up to up to 140 packs/trays per minute dependent on punnet/tray and container type.

Accurate control of the product through the packing process

Consistency of performance across shifts is essential in any automation machine. The RowPAKer incorporates a number of servo systems to manage the punnets/trays with precision as they exit the trays sealer at high speed in groups are spaced, accumulated and then placed into crates.

Flexibility of Operation

Punnets can exit the tray sealer wide edge or narrow edge leading, can be of any size, and can be picked and placed into a number of different container formats.

Simple to operate and maintain with very fast changeover

All Brillopak machines are designed to be operated by people for whom English may not be the first language. The colour touchscreens are intuitive and contain visual representation of critical elements of the machines showing sensors and I/O overview for engineering maintenance teams. Changeovers are fast; simply select recipe and start. Robot heads have a simple quick release mechanism for fast changeover. However, in many instances a single Brillopak end effector will be able to manage all of your skus.

Simple, robust, hygienic design

A robust stainless steel frame encompasses 2 Brillopak servo driven sub systems. The entire system has minimal moving parts and is low maintenance, with all belts and sensors and guides easily adjusted by hand for maintenance. All access points are protected and there are magnetic locking safety gates to gain access to the system for cleaning.

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