Optimised manual packing station to increase line speed throughout a shift with less labour.

brillopak pakstation semi automatic packing machine

Applications include:

Top Fruit


Stone Fruit


Fish & Seafood


Fresh Vegetables

Prepared Salads

Prepared Vegetables

Fresh Snack Food

Conventional manual packing lines encourage frequent short line stops and slower working. This can lead to build-up of product, slower production speeds and damage or bruising to products. The PAKstation puts the packhouse back in control of line speed so that more products can be packed
with less people.

  • Ergonomically designed for optimum packing performance.
  • Ideal for situations with difficult products, multiple product changeovers or where full automation is not financially viable.
  • Typical 15% increase in throughput per shift.
  • Can handle any product.
  • Can pack into any open container.