Crate Destacker


The award-winning Crate Destacker automatically de-stacks and delivers retail crates at high speed to single or multiple food production lines.

Brillopak crate destaker automated crate de-stacker


The Brillopak Crate Destacker automatically destacks nested crates onto production lines.

The Crate Destacker is a robust stainless steel system designed to dispense empty nested retail crates.

As well as keeping pace with high volume packing lines, the system can dispense 1,2, or 3 crates at a time to one or many lines depending on your situation. The system is available in 2 formats; single magazine which dispenses 10 crates a minute and dual magazine which dispenses 16 crates per minute. The Crate Destacker will accumulate a pallet load of 5 full stacks of 600mm x 400mm crates or 10 full stacks of 300mm x 400mm crates, meaning minimal operator intervention in its use.

One common issue in crate destacking, is that crates get stuck together, often because they are wet, or because old labels stick to crates. The Brillopak Crate Destacker clamps the bottom crate and then lifts the entire stack, using servo motors, to ensure that the crate is always separated accurately.

In order to ensure best presentation in the supermarket, the clamping blocks separating the crates are polyurethane, to ensure no damage to crate. The clamps are adjustable to different crate heights from 120mm to 240mm high.

Once a crate stack enters the destacker, a safety gate secures them in the required position to prevent any movement or displacement. The machine includes safety features such as light curtains with cross muting sensors which allows safe passage for crate stacks but prevents any person from entering by triggering the emergency stop circuit.

The intuitive HMI features a 3 level password security system, detailed statistics and sensor status, together with conveyor controls and in-depth maintenance information.

The Crate Destacker is supplied with remote access functionality, enabling Brillopak technical teams to log onto the system with operators to rectify any technical issues quickly. Regardless of whether the issue is with machine or user error, immediate access to dynamic data usually means the root cause of the problem can be identified and addressed.

  • Reduces labour cost
  • Delivery of crates to one or many production lines
  • Flexible in operation
  • Simple and safe to operate with minimal intervention
  • Robust separation of crates minimises chance of crate jams

Simple and safe to operate with minimal intervention

All Brillopak machines are designed to be operated by people for whom English may not be the first language. The colour touchscreens are intuitive and contain visual representation of critical elements of the machines, showing sensors and I/O overview for engineering maintenance teams. Changeovers are fast; simply select recipe and start.

Flexible in operation

As with all Brillopak machines, the system has been designed to be flexible in operation. System settings include adjustable height settings for different crates, stacking 1 to 3 crates high for feeding manual packing lines, and destacking half crates.

“The efficiency improvements were immediately evident.”

James Simpson, Adrian Scripps Ltd

Click here to find out how the Crate Destacker has improved warehouse health and safety for Morrisons.


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