Automated Packing Systems


Fast and accurate placing of tray seal packs, punnets, flow wrap products and bags into trays and cases.

brillopak unipaker automated packing machine


With its optimised motion control and specialist end effectors, you can run multiple products in multiple in-crate presentations, without tooling changeover, to meet a wider range of demands than ever before. By using single pick rather than collation, products are placed into the tray gently and accurately. To enhance efficiency the crates are packed as they move up the line, simplifying the packing process. With no complex collation requirement there is less to go wrong, meaning more consistent line speed through a shift.

Brillopak crate destaker automated crate de-stacker

Crate DESTAKer

The Brillopak Crate DESTAKer is a robust stainless steel system designed to dispense empty nested retail crates.

As well as keeping pace with high volume packing lines, the system can dispense 1,2, or 3 crates at a time to single or multiple lines depending on your situation. The system is available in 2 formats; single magazine which dispenses 10 crates a minute and dual magazine which dispenses 16 crates per minute. The Crate DESTAKer will accumulate a pallet load of 5 full stacks of 600mm x 400mm crates or 10 full stacks of 300mm x 400mm crates, meaning minimal operator intervention in its use.

brillopak punnet paker automated packing machine


The Brillopak PunnetPAKer packs a wide variety of punnets into crates, trays and lipped boxes at high speed. Key to consistent punnet packing is control of the product throughout the packing process. By using a Brillopak servo turner, the individual punnets are accurately controlled into the system at high speed, from the tray sealer or checkweigher regardless of orientation, Our servo powered accumulation and push unit ensure that rows are managed with precision and that every layer is neatly formed.

brillopak pakstation semi automatic packing machine


Conventional manual packing lines encourage frequent short line stops and slower working. This can lead to build-up of product, slower production speeds and damage or bruising to products. The PAKstation puts the packhouse back in control of line speed so that more products can be packed
with less people.

brillopak flexible robot palletiser sutomated pallet machine

Flexible Robotic Palletiser

Our Flexible Robotic Palletiser enjoys a very small footprint and is designed for cases, crates and bags.

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