Brillopak Innovations


Every year, Brillopak invests 15% of its revenues in innovation.
The majority of this investment goes towards the evolution of our core machines along with 1 new development/system every 18 months.

Our design philosophy is centred around simplicity:

  • Small footprint, fast, and able to handle multiple products, without need for a tooling change.
  • So intuitive, that an operator is comfortable operating the system after a 30 minute training session by the machine.
  • Designed for a fast install to minimise production downtime.
  • Minimal maintenance requirement.
  • High constant availability

We focus our innovation around 4 areas.

1. Vision Systems

2. End Effectors

3. Robotics Motion Control

4. Software/data

Vision Systems

Vision systems are a critical element of automation in the modern factory.

Brillopak has developed its own camera independent vision software CIVS TM that forms the basis for our vision products. We have developed 2 new products which serve to improve our customers quality of product and protect their reputation.

QoPR™ is our new Pick and Reject Quality control system for high speed food processing production lines.

Developed alongside the British Government Agency, the Manufacturing Technology Centre, our own camera independent software is integrated with both 3D laser vision and 2D colour resolution.

The patent pending system automatically identifies imperfect products and contaminants in products moving along the production line at up to 800 pieces a minute. All products are scanned and any reject products removed from the line by either a delta type or articulated robot with a specialised end effector. The system can work 24/7 and can be removed from the line for high care cleaning.

  • Out of specification product identified and removed includes mishapen, overlaps, touching and mounted products
  • Contaminants include Discolouration, missing additives, and coloured contaminants.
  • Mishapes for reworking and contaminants are automatically placed in separate bins.


The result is an automated high care QA system

  • More reliable and consistent than any human operator to ensure consistent quality of your product to safeguard and promote your reputation a first class supplier.
  • Bulk rejection and auto stop.
  • Separation of reworkable product and contaminants to maximise yield.

What our customers say…

PAK QC is our Quality Assurance system for packed products.

Designed specifically for quality assurance testing of a product pack by checking critical characteristics of pre-packed food products.

Originally developed for QA of apple packs, prior to automated packing into crates, the system identifies the number of products in a pack and whether or not the pack has been cut in the packing process. The system also pushes any ghost bags from the line, to ensure trouble free automated packing of correct product into the crate.

Uses CIVS software and 3 cameras with specialist lighting in order to identify critical data through partially clear flow wrap bags.

Yield is a key measure of production. So how did we ensure that delicate apples did not get damaged in the reject process. Simple, we employed an electronic apple to record multiple measurements per second, of all of the bumps along to process and then checked for bruises. Once we understood the readings, we were able to set a proven path that eliminated bruising .


A machine vision system.

End Effectors

A robot is only as good as its end effector.

Brillopak has designed over 35 different heads over the years and this remains one of our core strengths.

Integrated Vacuum Heads for packing into crates and trays.

A new range of patent pending vacuum based end effectors designed specifically for flexibility of motion and consistency of performance.

Over time we have developed our vacuum capability to handle a wide variety of traditionally difficult products.

By integrating complex airways in a compact 3D printed head, supported by multiple vacuum cups, each with its own vacuum generator, we are able to create lightweight high speed end effectors capable of handling a multiplicity of products with consistency and accuracy of pick.


A suction cup end effector

Motion Control

Motion control is a function of Robot performance, especially important where speed and accuracy are essential characteristics.

It is probably the least understood aspect of robot control in the food sector, and can have a dramatic effect on the success for failure of an automation project.

Motion control is directing the angle of approach and movement of a robot end effector throughout its cycle, to maximise efficiency and accuracy of performance.

The video shows 3 ways in which Brillopak has recently deployed motion control for 3 different skus in the same project.

  1. Packing into boxes with flaps with no need to control the flap
  2. Packing tight fit bottles into a box with an extra nudge
  3. Placing a layer card between 2 layers of 3 bottles

These applications run continuously every day.


New Systems

When we design a new system, it has to meet a basic set of performance criteria.

Durability of Operation

Built to operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Control, accuracy
and speed

To maintain high consistent line speed and minimise short line stops.


To handle multiple
product SKUs.


So that everyone is comfortable in its use.

“We all know a system will inevitably fail at some point. Our job is to know where that is likely to be at the design stage and then build in the fix with a quick restart. “

Peter Newman, Technical Director Brillopak.