Our Industries


Since 1999, our machines have been used across a range of industries, for a variety of applications. This experience is invaluable as we continue to design and manufacture flexible solutions to meet the dynamic challenges face today and into the future.
Over recent years, we have developed a particular expertise in the following Specialist Sectors.

Fresh Produce – Fruit & Vegetable

The fresh produce sector is driven by challenging performance levels, frequent line changeovers and continuous change in product formats and layer patterns.

The focus on green packaging alternatives together with the need for gentle handling of often delicate products, emphasises the need for versatility in automation systems. Brillopak aims to continue to raise the performance bar in this sector, through the development of new and innovative robotic packing and vision systems that reduce labour cost and increase profit.

Meat, Poultry and Fish

The Meat, Poultry and Fish sector covers a wide variety of different animal based protein products.

This sector is characterized by demanding performance, high hygiene standards and the requirement for consistency of performance through the shift. Brillopak build automated systems to pack and palletise trays of product, including meat and chicken portions , whole birds and fish portions into retail crates at high speed without damage to the product. Our solutions include vision systems to detect contamination around the tray and pack validation.

food packing machine

Ready Meals

Chilled Dried and frozen ready meals are a high growth sector catering to the needs of busy lives.

The packing process often take places in tight spaces with frequent changeovers and tight deadlines. Operational efficiency is critical to success in the competitive market. Brillopak solutions automate the manual process of packing ready meals into crates and cases and include provision of crate management systems to deliver crates to the various production lines.

vegetable packing machine