Empack Den Bosch 2017

by | Apr 18, 2017 | News

Just returned from Empack show in Den Bosch in Holland. I was on the stand of our new partner and distributor for Benelux, Het Packhuys.

The show was interesting with a wide mix of packaging machines, automation systems and robotic case packers and palletisers.

Robotics takes an ever more important position at the show. I am comfortable that our solutions remain at the top of the game in terms of packing automation especially regard to maintaining quality and presentation of product whilst packing at high speed.

Always good to see Jenton International. Richard Little and Steve have made some interesting developments for their business which are worth checking out.

Not many British companies exhibiting. If we can fit it into our production schedule, we will provide a P160 high speed case packer as a working demo on the Het Packhuys stand at the Empack show in Belgium. You can’t beat an operating demo!

Our business strategy is based around manufacturing and supplying systems that optimise the modern packing line. However, we cannot and do not want to be experts in all aspects of the end of line. Sometimes you see something and you just know it will be a good fit. I was very pleased to find 2 such new opportunities to integrate high quality solutions into our machine range that will help our clients improve their line efficiency but also help raise the Brillopak branding for end of line solutions. Although we do not manufacture the systems we believe they are built to our standards of quality and reliability. All things being well we should make announcements in the near future.

David Jahn