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Improve Efficiency And Cost-Effectiveness Through Automated Crate Destacking

At Brillopak, our automated crate denesting and destacking systems are designed to deliver exceptional precision and efficiency while seamlessly integrating into existing production lines. Tailored to handle different crate sizes in any business that uses crates in the packing process, they reduce dependence on manual labour and enhance operational throughput.

The Crate Destacker C250: Explained

The Crate Destacker C250 is a robust stainless steel system that efficiently dispenses empty nested retail crates to match high-volume packing line demands. Capable of simultaneously handling up to three crates for single or multiple lines, it meets the diverse operational needs of different applications.

This versatile system is offered in two models: the single magazine, which delivers 10 crates per minute, and the dual magazine, with a capacity of dispensing 16 crates per minute.

Single Magazine1020
Dual Magazine1632

Key Benefits Of The Crate Destacker C250

  • Flexibility and versatility: The Crate Destacker C250 system is highly adaptable, capable of handling both full-size crates measuring 600x400mm and half-size crates of 300x400mm from a variety of manufacturers. Its design ensures compatibility with different crate types, making it an ideal solution for businesses that handle different products and packaging sizes.
  • Unique clamping mechanism: Equipped with a specialist clamping mechanism, the system expertly addresses the common problem of crates sticking together. By smoothly separating crates that are difficult to manually separate, the Crate Destacker C250 ensures a consistent and uninterrupted flow in the destacking process and eliminates time wastage.
  • Ease of operation: The system’s design focuses on simplicity, featuring fewer electronics and sensors which significantly reduces the chances of malfunction. The straightforward design makes the Crate Destacker C250 simple for unskilled staff to operate, thereby reducing training and supervision.
  • Low maintenance and durability: Designed with longevity in mind, the Crate Destacker C250 is built using resilient materials that withstand regular use. Minimal maintenance requirements ensure a prolonged operational life and reduce downtime for repairs and servicing.
  • Stainless steel construction: Constructed from stainless steel, the Crate Destacker C250 is extremely durable and corrosion resistant. Not only does this make it suitable for various working environments, it also simplifies cleaning and maintenance, ensuring the system remains hygienic and functional over extended periods.

A Cost-Effective Solution

  • Reduced labour costs:Because the Crate Destacker C250 requires only occasional operator involvement to load empty stacks of crates onto the accumulation conveyor, the need for continuous manpower is significantly reduced, leading to substantial savings.
  • Multipurpose efficiency: Designed to efficiently feed multiple packing lines, the Crate Destacker C250 maximises productivity by simultaneously supplying multiple Enhanced operational throughput and optimised resource allocation offer a cost-effective solution for packing processes.
  • Compliance with safety legislation: Our crate destacker closely aligns with health and safety regulations, significantly decreasing the risk of workplace accidents. As well as creating asafer workplace environment, it reduces the risk of costly liability claims against your business.

Why Choose Brillopak For Your Automated End Of Line Solutions?  

 We Understand Your Process: We delve into your specific needs and the intricacies of your production line to deliver tailored denesting and destacking solutions. Our approach focuses on enhancing your line efficiency and reducing labour costs, offering a significant competitive edge.

✔ We Are Innovators In Denesting & Destacking Technology: Our extensive experience and constant research efforts allow us to develop innovative denesting and destacking technologies that solve common and complex problems with remarkable efficiency and reliability.

✔ We Provide Comprehensive Support: Our commitment to your success extends beyond installation. Brillopak offers a full spectrum of proactive support options, ensuring our technology continues to operate optimally and adapts to your evolving needs.

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