Elevating Efficiency in Material Handling Operations

by | Mar 7, 2024 | News

Successful material handling depends on exceptional productivity and efficiency. Many industries use plastic crates to store and move goods, but utilise manual destacking to separate crates at the start of the production or packing line. This can be time-consuming and represents a poor use of workers’ skills, leading to process bottlenecks, rising labour costs, and injuries to staff.

In this article, we’ll explain how the Brillopak Crate Destacker can transform material handling operations, enhancing efficiency and safety.

What Is The Brillopak Crate Destacker?

Trusted by one of the UK’s leading supermarkets, the Brillopak Crate Destacker is an efficient solution to the need for fast and systematic crate distribution on production and packing lines.

The Brillopak Crate Destacker comes in two formats: the single magazine and the dual magazine. The capacity to accumulate a pallet load of 5 full stacks of 600mm x 400mm crates, or 10 full stacks of 300mm x 400mm crates, means the system is highly versatile and requires minimal operator intervention.

What Are The Advantages Of The Brillopak Crate Destacker?

So, how can our automated crate destacker improve efficiency and help to eliminate periods of frustrating and costly downtime?

Versatile Operation

The Brillopak Crate Destacker is designed for various packing scenarios and is capable of dispensing single 600x400mm crates from a stack at a rate of either 10 or 16 crates per minute. Special attention is given to the presentation of crates for retail purposes: polyurethane clamping blocks are used to ensure the crates are not damaged during the destacking process, reducing waste and the risk of injury from jagged plastic edges.

Cost Savings Through Minimal Intervention

A key benefit of the Brillopak Crate Destacker is the significant reduction in manual crate handling. This minimises the need for operator involvement, thereby enhancing efficiency and workplace safety. The system also includes remote access functionality, allowing Brillopak technical teams to quickly address technical issues in collaboration with operators to ensure the crate destacker continues to operate at peak performance and to limit disruptive downtime.

Efficiency Improvements

A common issue in crate destacking is crates that stick together, often due to the presence of moisture, contamination, or old labels. As operators work to free the crates, the production or packing process stalls and valuable time is lost. The Brillopak Crate Destacker overcomes the problem of sticking crates by clamping the bottom crate while lifting the entire stack with servo motors, ensuring accurate and consistent crate separation.

Robust Separation And Safety

Every mechanical process carries risks, but these are minimised as our crate palletiser is equipped with robust safety features. For example, light curtains are used to ensure safety around the machine – should the curtain be crossed by personnel, the machine will immediately stop and power off. This safeguards both the equipment and the operators, reducing the risk of injury to workers and damage to crates. Adjustable clamping blocks ensure smooth, consistent operation, preventing jams.

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