Brillopak and Het Packhuys establish distribution agreement for Benelux.

Het Packhuys and Brillopak are pleased to announce a new distribution agreement. Het Packhuys will be marketing Brillopak automatic packing and palletising solutions to the Dutch and Belgian markets.

Pierre Hagenaars, Managing Director of Het Packhuys “I knew of Brillopak’s reputation for manufacturing high speed end of line automation systems. Their range of robotic packing systems fits naturally with our existing tray seal and flow wrap solutions”.

Het Packhuys is also a distributer of 2 other British manufacturers; Redpack, who build high speed flow wrapping systems; and Packaging Automation, who build automated tray seal machines.

David Jahn of Brillopak, “We are very excited about the potential for this relationship. Het Packhuys is a very focused, professional business. We build machines that automate the case packing and palletising of products from the tray seal and flow wrap machines that they already market, so the fit is clear.”