Brillopak BK2000 Standard pallet dispenser is 14 years old today and still going strong

24th Nov, 2016

Brillopak is normally associated with high speed robotic packing and palletising systems.

However, the BK2000 is one of our early designs. Yes, it has been improved over the years, but fundamentally, the machine is the same as it ever was.

There is a simple reason for this. Once installed it just keeps working – year in and year out. That is probably why the majority of our sales of pallet dispensers are to OEMS. Put a stack of pallets in and you get a stream of single pallets out.

The dispenser is adjustable for different pallet sizes, it is built like a tank and has a very low cost of ownership.

New low cost palletisers have appeared during its lifetime, but if you really want a simple machine that will never let you down, consider the BK2000.

The very first BK2000 pallet dispenser is still in situ in an aggregates business in a very dusty environment. We have had only 1 call out in those 14 years and the fault was a sensor that needed cleaning.

Happy Birthday BK2000.