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Why Brillopak?

We continually invest in technology to build flexible systems that combine precise handling, effortless performance and ease of use by unskilled staff.

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Collaborative Approach

Taking the time to understand the detail behind your requirement is the secret to our project successes and the key to providing the right solution to meet your operational objectives. Having the flexibility to appreciate that things can change and then responding positively and quickly minimises project risk and the team element.

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Technical Knowledge

Through years of experience and constant awareness of new technologies our technical know-how is second to none.

Technology and Innovation

Our continual investment in research and development leads to new ways of making conventional manual processes more efficient. We utilise the latest proven technology platforms to deliver packing and palletising automation to create flexible machines and systems that can rapidly adapt to future unknown requirements.

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Professional Service

We build long-term relationships based on trust, respect and our endeavour to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

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Project Management

Because we design and manufacture our machines in-house, we can manage any issues immediately as they arise and keep projects on track with minimum disruption.

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Outstanding Support

Our reputation is as only as good as our ongoing support. We understand the issues caused to business by unexpected down time, which is why we aim to always respond immediately and get customers back up and running as swiftly as possible. We have a range of preventative maintenance and support agreements to meet your requirement.

Our Machines

High quality machines, intelligently designed and built to last.
Modular Design. Reliable. Easy to use. Quick return on investment.


Up to 180 punnets per minute
Small, fast and flexible
Multiple punnet sizes


Multiple products
Multiple patterns
Delicate product placement


Optimised manual packing line
Reduced Labour Cost
Increased product throughput

Robotic Packing System

Over 100 packs per minute
Precise product placement
Multiple products and layer patterns

Flexible Robotic Palletiser

Multiple products
Multiple patterns
Easy to programme

Dual Cell Robot Palletiser

Multiple products
Multiple patterns
Additional safety gate between cells

Integrated Robot Palletiser

Up to 30 cases or crates per minute
Small footprint
Enhanced Safety Features


Multiple products
Multiple patterns
Easy to programme

Bale Arms Openers and Closers

Up to 20 crates per minute
Enhanced Safety Features
24/7 reliable operation

Standard Inline Pallet Dispenser

Stacks up to 15 pallets
Fully Adjustable
Electric only operation

Fork-Type Pallet Dispenser

180 pallets per hour
Fully adjustable
Individual stacking

Floor Standing Pallet Dispenser

Safest Pallet dispenser on the market
Electric only operation
Minimal maintenance required

Our Packing Line Systems

From start to finish our systems are incredibly reliable, reduce costs and maximise line speed for greater efficiency.

Complete line solutions for

Don’t just take our word for it…

Tata Steel Testimonial

“The system has minimal downtime and I am pleased to recommend Brillopak to anyone considering packing automation.”

Tata Steel

Morrisons Testimonial B

“The new apple packing lines went live on time and on budget and have already achieved a step change in the quality of product that we deliver.”


McVities Testimonial B

“I found that Brillopak were really focussed on doing the job professionally. They also remained on site to make sure all of our people understood the systems before they left.”


Muntons Testimonial

“I wanted a system that would be straightforward to operate, with minimal downtime and line stoppages. The new system meets that requirement. Our operators appreciate the speed at which product changeovers can now be completed at the touch of a button. Our staff understood how to operate the system after a minimal period of training.”


Morrisons Testimonial

“We were looking for a supplier who could meet the specification, contribute ideas and also offer the flexibility to modify their machines to work with our environment. Brillopak was a good fit.”


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