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Robotic Tray Packer & Case Packer

Fast and accurate tray packers; placing of tray seal packs, punnets, flow wrap products and bags into trays and cases.

Small foot-print, high specification robotic pick and place systems for food and non-food applications. 

Utilising Omron or Nachi motion controllers, these systems offer market leading accuracy and reliability.

The C111 Tray packer can be integrated with tray destackers and the C111 Case packer can be integrated with case erectors.

Collation of products, combined with multiple picking, minimises speed of product movement. This reduces errors and risk of damage to product through excessive velocity.

Can be installed as part of an integrated packing and palletising line, or interfaced with existing systems.

The NEW P160 and Z140 Unipicker revolutionise the automated packing process for tray seal lines. With no need for pre-collation and robots working in collaboration to pack crates, complete automation of end of line packing is now affordable and reliable. These case packer machines have been designed over the past 2 years to repalce conventional agricultrual type solutions and eliminate frequent line stops and well as labour cost.

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Brillopak is holding an open day in November to showcase the P160 in action in aconjunction with a tray sealer so that you can see for yourself the potential impact on both line speed and labour cost reduction.

Contact us now on 01622 872972 or email us at if you would like to attend this event. We will announce dates in October.

Tray Packer Benefits:

  • Reduced labour cost
  • Up to 150 packs per minute dependent on product.
  • Single and dual head versions for increased speed
  • Brillopak Easytouch HMI software for simplicity of operation by unskilled staff
  • Near instant restart
  • Minimal maintenance requirement

A complete range of robotic case and robotic tray sealers to improve line speed and reduce labour cost.

Ideal For:


 Packaging type

 Typical container

FreshProduce and Sliced meats

Tray seal, punnets and flow wrap

 Crates and boxes

Chilled and frozen 

Tray seal and boxes

 Crates and boxes


Tray seal, pouches and boxes


General manufacturing

Bags and boxes



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