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Fork Type In-line Pallet Dispenser

Automatic stacking and destacking of oversized pallets using forks.

The Brillopak BK 1500 Series is designed to automate the stacking and de-stacking of oversize pallets onto the line.  By using forks instead of the conventional clamp, the system is able to get a far greater reach.

The fork dispensers come in a range of three models, based on the weight that they can handle.

These pallet dispensers are built with the highest quality components and are designed for 24/7 heavy usage. 

Maximum lifting capacity

  • BK 1000 can lift weights of up to 250kg
  • BK 1250 can lift weights up to 500kg
  • BK 1500 can lift weights up to 1000kg 


  • Automatic dispensing and stacking of pallets.
  • Speed: 180 pallets per hour.
  • Discharge elevation: 300mm to 600mm.
  • 1” chain drives vertical movement.
  • Guides at back of pallet are adjustable to keep different pallet widths on the centre line.
  • Places pallet individually, can handle two- way, four-way, Euro, block, winged and stringer pallets.

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