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Dual Cell Robot Palletiser

Continuous palletising.

The COMPACT C211 KT800 Dual cell floorstanding gantry robotic palletising system provides continuous palletising capability as the robot loads from side  to side. Internal side guard allows removal of loaded stack. Very small footprint means the system can fit into most spaces.

Multiple product sizes with single robot head.

Automatic palletising of cases, crates, cartons, trays and bags onto pallets and dollies

Can be installed as part of an integrated packing and palletising line or interfaced with existing systems.


  • Continuous palletising with no need for product accumulation
  • Integrated system with separate safety control.
  • Telescopic mast for low ceilings.
  • Up to 20 products per minute.
  • Near instant restart – no more 3 minute waits while line resets.
  • Delivered in one piece for fast installation and commissioning.

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Alternative Machines

Robotic palletiser boosts bagging line productivity

A new turnkey robotic palletising line from Brillopak looks set to yield a return on investment within less than 18 months of installation by doubling throughput at Muntons’ Stowmarket malted ingredients factory.