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Robotic Layer Packing System

Over 15 cycles per minute

Precise product placement

Multiple products and layer patterns

The Brillopak C111 robotic packaging system provides high-speed packing of products into crates and cases.  Due to the vertical movement of the robotic arm, the case packing system is able to pack to a depth of 800mm providing the versatility to pack to multiple container types.

Ideal for case packing, tray packing and seal punnets.

Features & Benefits:

  • High speed case packer: Up to 15 cycles a minute x number of packs in a layer.
  • Multiple products with no tooling changeover.
  • Delicate handling: Using soft flexible grippers or vacuum cups with independent vacuum generators, no damage to product in pick process at high speed.
  • Very small footprint.
  • Can pack products up to 5kg weight.
  • Simple to operate, manage and maintain.

“I wanted a system that would be straightforward to operate, with minimal downtime and line stoppages. The new system meets that requirement. Our operators appreciate the speed at which product changeovers can now be completed at the touch of a button. Our staff understood how to operate the system after a minimal period of training.”

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